WE LOVE BILL.COM works with your accounting software to eliminate paperwork, save time, and save money. SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting uses to work efficiently and take advantage of its integrations. The service work with the biggest names in small business accounting are: QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite, Intacct, and more. helps your company manage accounts payable and accounts receivable. Top notch security and detailed permissions free your company’s team to focus on growth.

Accounts Payable

  • Reduces the time spent on payables and payments by up to 50%
  • Approve bills to pay on the go so you aren’t held back from other commitments
  • Great for teams working from multiple locations
  • Easy process
  • Scan, fax, or email your invoices and bills to
  • routes the payment request to the correct approver
  • pays the bill on the date it was told by the approver
  • Supports manual checks and electronic payments
  • Your accounting software is automatically updated

Accounts Receivable

  • Get paid fast
  • Accept ACH and credit cards
  • Customer invoices can be mailed or emailed
  • Customers can pay your invoices online
  • updates your accounting software
  • A portal for customer questions about their invoice can reduce phone calls
  • Reminders and overdue notices are pre-scheduled and automated
  • Fantastic solution for recurring invoices and payments (gyms, clubs, pest control, etc.) works with QuickBooks to eliminate all your double-entry and paperwork hassles


In fact, makes QuickBooks bill payment so fast and easy, you don’t even have to open QuickBooks. Because when you manage your cash flow and payables and receivables with, it updates QuickBooks and your online bank account automatically each time you sync.

Now it’s faster and easier than ever before to pay bills with QuickBooks


Paperless – When you pay bills with QuickBooks alone, someone has to enter the bills, chase down the paperwork, follow up with the approvers, print the checks, stuff the envelopes and file copies of everything. But with, those hassles disappear. Simply upload your bills and paperwork, and our system takes it from there. It records the payment due dates, revises your cash flow projection graph, tracks the approvals and pays the bills on your schedule.

Keeps Track of All Your Due Dates – If you’ve ever missed a discount or paid a late fee with QuickBooks bill payment, relax. With it will never happen again unless you want it to.

Knows Approval Status of Every Bill  – allows much faster approval with online bill management. It shows each employee the bills and paperwork needed and never lets them forget when there’s a bill to review.

Stores Contracts With Bills for One-Click Access – Whenever you need to check a contract or look up a detail before you pay bills with QuickBooks and, the associated records are never more than a click away – anytime, from anywhere. (Try that with QuickBooks bill payment by itself.)

Pays Automatically on Your Schedule – prints and mails your checks or pays electronically on the day you set. You get an email when each payment clears, and your bank account and accounting software update automatically when you sync.

Imagine Zero Data Entry! Yes, we really mean “zero.” It’s easy – just let the team key in all the bill details for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Scan, fax or email your bills to
  • keys in all vendor and bill information for you
  • Completeness and accuracy guaranteed
  • In by 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern, online by next morning
  • Routes bills electronically to your designated approvers
  • Automatically categorizes each bill per previous bill from same vendor
  • Enters new vendor information for you
  • Automatically routes new vendors’ bills to your default approver
  • Only $1.99 per bill – you save thousands

SoCo Tax and Cloud Accounting Inc can help your organization get up and running quickly. All of this can be done by syncing with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Enterprise and popular hosted QuickBook providers. Start today! Try with no risk by contacting us.