Receipt Bank


You no longer need to manage endless stacks of receipts and struggle to keep track of invoices.

Receipt Bank allows documents to be sent and processed by software so you don’t have to waste hours manually typing data into spreadsheets. The SoCo Tax and Cloud Accounting team has found that using the cloud frees up more time, and saves money by avoiding unnecessary steps. Receipt Bank is perfect for small and medium businesses! SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting Inc strives for efficiency and that is exactly what Receipt Bank provides.


Thanks to Receipt Bank, Soco Tax and Cloud Accounting is able to make accounting faster, easier, and more efficient. SoCo is able to put more time into growing our business because bookkeeping is less time consuming. Receipt Bank integrates with QuickBooks online and Xero to easily send your expenses data directly to the software your company uses. Over 4000 accountants and bookkeepers agree that Receipt Bank is great.



  • Practice Platform allows you to track your business
  • Data can be easily submitted by clients
  • More reliable data extraction, and less data entry
  • Great for small businesses and sole traders
  • Submit on the go
  • Simple expenses for the whole team
  • Automate to create more time for other aspects of your business



  • Line item extraction
  • Auto-publish receipts to integrated accounting software
  • Boost functionality
  • Built in foreign currency support
  • Co-branded 5 star client mobile app
  • Multiple submission methods