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BankInitial DepositMinimum BalanceMonthly FeesAPYPerks/ Bonuses

Salem Five Direct
$100NANA1.10%Rate guaranteed for new customers until 1/1/17

NA$30$5 fee if $30 Minimum Balance Not Maintained1.05%ATM card

Ally Bank
NANANA1.00%Interest compounded daily




CIT Bank
$100NANA0.95%Interest compounded daily

Capital One 360

Alliant Credit Union
$5$5NA1.00%$5 opening bonus, Free ATM card can be used at over 80,000 ATMs at no cost

Goldman Sachs
NA$1NA1.05%Interest compounded daily

American Express

Updated: June 9, 2016

Best Way to Stash Your Cash
High-yield online savings accounts are a great way to safely secure your emergency fund or any short-term savings until you need to access it. These savings accounts are deposit accounts that pay a much greater interest rate/APY than the traditional savings accounts you get from your local bank. The types of high-yield savings accounts you should look for are ones that offer high interest rates, low minimum deposit, low minimum balance, and low monthly fees in order for you to save even more. With online accounts, you can conveniently manage your account and easily transfer funds to and from your current bank accounts.