QuickBooks POS

Quickbooks is not only designed for small business like SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting Inc, but also works with businesses of other larger sizes. SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting Inc loves QuickBooks POS for its wonderful features like accepting payment via credit cards. Aside from that, it also has inventory management, customer management, etc. Additional hardware are also available including bar-code scanners and receipt printers to use with the POS software. The platform has user friendly interface. It automatically updates your inventory without you putting information manually. SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting Inc utilizes QuickBooks POS entirely, as the features provided are the best for accomplishing tasks efficiently.

Features Quickbooks POS has to offer:

    • Business Management

      This is a great way to ring sales, accept credit cards, manage vendors and inventory, and build   customer relationships.

    • More Efficiency

      With a faster startup time than previous versions and new multi tasking capabilities allow you to toggle between tasks.

    • Securely accepts credit cards

      QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 is EMV ready and designed to support the most updated payment technology for greater data security.

    • Integrates with QuickBooks Desktop

      Save time by having your data automatically sync with QuickBooks Desktop. Auto payment reconciliation is now available too. No more double entries