Our SoCo Tax and Cloud Accounting team is offering our efforts to help you with your business. We offer one-on-one services, consultations, and group training held twice a month. While QuickBooks provides the public with training classes, we offer a more hands on experience.

We recognize that QuickBooks is an extensive software that has so many features, so it can be hard to grasp all at once. This is why we want to lend a hand in helping you or your team fully comprehend how to use the program. With our one-on-one training option, we can come to you, or you can come to us. We will sit down and expand on everything you might or might not know.

As for our consultation method, you can give us a call after scheduling an appointment and we will walk you through all you need to know. This is done over screen sharing, so you can see exactly what we are talking about. This allows you to ask all necessary questions that arise when you are working. Pricing varies on the length of the session.

To provide you with the basic overview of QuickBooks, our group training is offered bimonthly. This is a great opportunity to fully comprehend everything you need to know when you are first starting out with the program.

Benefits of Training:

  • Learn setup, navigation, and features
  • Manage sales, purchases, payroll, and payments
  • Learn about reporting, apps, and troubleshooting
  • Gain ultimate knowledge to serve clients
  • Manage complex conversions
  • Learn special transactions and advanced features
  • Learn advanced reporting and problem solving

Contact us now to get started.