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Certified-QuickBooks-Enterprise-ProAdvisorDiscover why growing organizations choose QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the most flexible accounting software solutions available. It can accommodate growing business with critical reporting needs. Manage inventory with robust options and gain in depth reporting of your customer’s purchase history. We are recommending full-service for every QuickBooks Enterprise client for a cloud-based solution. Industry specific solutions are available for non-profit organizations, manufacturers, contractors, retailers, and companies just like yours.

QuickBooks Enterprise can support 1-30 simultaneous users. It comes with 14 predefined user roles that can be assigned to individual users based on their access needs. Permissions can further be restricted to view only, edit, or no access. Customer user roles can be created to work for any position within your organization. Empower your employees with the data they need to grow your organization while protecting your privacy.

QuickBooks Enterprise’s Advanced Inventory add-on is a manufacturer’s best friend. Advanced Inventory adds the following features:

Bin Location Tracking

Track specific inventory items down to the bin location within one or more warehouses. Quantities are viewable when filling out forms. Serial and lot numbers can be seen for each bin. Pick lists and item receipts can be sorted by location for efficient picking and stocking.

Barcode Scanning

Increase efficiency and reliability for all inventory data entry by scanning items and serial numbers without touching a keyboard — QuickBooks automatically puts the information into the right field. If you don’t have barcodes, QuickBooks will create them for you. Integrates with any simple USB barcode scanner.

FIFO Costing

Now you have the flexibility to work in FIFO costing in addition to average costing for tracking inventory. Easily switch between costing methods whenever you want.

Serial Number or Lot Tracking

Enter serial numbers and lots at the time of purchase, transfer, or sale – this means no extra data entry is required for reliable tracking. With the new recall report, you can track defective lots through assemblies and subassemblies, in stock on shelves, and customer purchases.

Know the Value and Quantity of Inventory in Multiple Locations

For each location, you can see how many items are on hand, on sales order, on purchase order, and your reorder point… and QuickBooks will automatically calculate which items you need to restock.

Transfer Inventory from One Location to Another

If one location is running low on inventory, you can transfer stock from another location to meet demand without delay.

Flexibility to Set Up Various Types of Locations

In addition to tracking inventory in multiple warehouses, you can track it in different staging areas within a single warehouse, on service trucks, and on consignment. You can even track imported goods — on the water.

Track Your Inventory Data in One Place

Advanced Inventory is built right inside QuickBooks Enterprise with the same user interface, so you don’t have to install, learn and use separate software. Your inventory data is tracked automatically from your QuickBooks invoices, sales orders and purchase orders.

QuickBooks Enterprise in the Cloud

Access QuickBooks Enterprise anytime, anywhere with hosting service. No more complicated in-house servers or expensive IT support. Seemless backup, quick set-up, behind-the-scenes maintenance and upgrades.

Your Team Can Collaborate and Get More Done!

With Hosting Service, your in-house staff, accountant and remote partners can work in QuickBooks simultaneously from Windows, Mac or Linux, through Internet Explorer or a software client downloaded to their computers. Offer customers view-only access so they can check their own statements. Share files using the 1GB of secure storage. Lease other hosted business software such as CRM, bill pay services and more.

Bank-Level Security, Automatic Backups, and US-Based Support

This service is offered through Right Networks, one of the leading providers of enterprise-level hosting. Right Networks backs up your data nightly, and keeps backups for 90 days. Enterprise-class anti-virus technology, firewalls, encryption and multi-layer access controls protect files and transmissions.5 U.S.-based customer support is also included!

SAS Pricing with Zero Start-Up and Zero Maintenance Costs

You only pay a monthly fee per user. No hardware to buy. No commitment—scale up or down as needed. Cancel anytime, and take your data back to your desktop. With Hosting Service, software updates happen automatically, with no disruption to you. When new features appear, they’re ready to use. Pointers help you discover them.

Industry Specific Solutions

QuickBooks Enterprise has industry specific solutions for Contractors, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Nonprofits, and Retailers. Enterprise can be customized to fit almost any organization with fast up-time and a friendly interface.

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