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QuickBooks System Design and Set-Up

Setting up your QuickBooks file well is one of the best things you can do for your business. A poor setup can lead to errors, inaccuracies, and time-consuming steps that are unnecessary. A well thought out design can make your accounting work for you and help your organization run smoothly. Turn business questions into answers that can be relied on to make great decisions.

We approach QuickBooks designing and set-up different than most. We start by learning about your organization’s 3 P’s: People, Product, and Process. Our team designs a system that makes sense for the people you have in place, and we provide hands-on training and support.

Your product or service is what you are exchanging for money. Your accounting system must be able to track costs of producing your goods or services. It also needs to know what you sold, how many, and who you sold it to. QuickBooks can provide fantastic reports about your sales activities. For example, you see what was sold to a customer or how many items you sold last month.

Our expert team knows business and how to make QuickBooks work for you. We work hard to keep your accounting easy to use but sophisticated enough to give you dependable reporting. It is very important to think through your organization’s business processes and how it relates to QuickBooks. Many of our clients have tasked us with developing their basic accounting procedures and guidelines around the new system we design.

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