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Saving for the Future

Small business owners have many different options when saving for retirement. The challenge we often come across is that business owners have invested everything in their company and little else. It is important to diversify with a long-term strategy using the most tax advantaged methods and practices.

Real Estate

We love real estate rentals for long-term wealth building. The current tax advantages and the ability to use leverage are a perfect recipe for developing wealth. There are great ways to set-up your real estate investments that protect you from liability and maintain your sanity. We own property and understand the unique needs and concerns of real estate investors.

IRS Sanctioned Retirement Plans

Traditional IRA
Roth IRA
Self-Employed 401k
401k for Small Businesses
Simple IRA

We can help you choose the right plan and make the connections necessary to secure your future and comply with all of the critical rules. Instead of rewriting content that is already available in better form, we have included the links to the best small business retirement plan providers.

We recommend the following:

T Rowe Price

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