10 Things Your Customer Wishes You Knew About Them

Learn to engage your customers by focusing on what they love and avoiding what they don’t. Assess your marketing methods and business style and challenge yourself to improve your customer satisfaction. Here are ten ways to accomplish this.


Customers Value “Good Service” More Than “Fast Service”

Customers who receive knowledgeable advice from an expert are definitely going to have a memorable experience and opt to share that with family and friends. At the same time, numerous studies have shown that customers who received rude or rushed customer service immediately abandoned the product or brand.

Customers Appreciate Hearing Their Name

People are more interested and attentive when they are addressed by their name. Whether it’s a transaction, question or customer service issue, a person appreciates a business that takes the time to be personal.

Surprises Feel Good

People love surprises and those good feelings go a long way. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from obtaining a spontaneous smile from their clients. Small surprises come in the form of thank you notes, a postcard remembering a birthday or anniversary, or a gift in the mail. Sometimes a phone call from higher up such as the CEO of a business shows that customers are very much appreciated and looked out for.

Focusing On What The Customer Wants

Surveys, polls, and asking for feedback are a great way to ensure the customer is happy with what they’re getting. Retrieving information on how people use a product and what they’re really looking for can go far when it comes to innovation of a better product and creating an overall better experience.

The Extra Mile

The Journal of Applied Social Psychology showed that researchers were able to increase the  waiter tips by a little over 23%. Waiters accomplished this by following up with a second set of mints after they brought their customers the check. This simple method managed to please customers, ultimately resulting in better tips.

Email Support

Who wants a headache when corresponding via email? Not me. People love efficiency with patience. Clear, straightforward information given in a diplomatic manner create a perfect experience. Email etiquette should create a lasting memory of being positive and memorable for the customer.

Time, Not Money

Although people want to save money, it’s not necessarily their only focus. Customers should also be reminded somehow of the benefits of time well spent, or having a good time being associated with your brand. The product should evoke good feelings and great memories. At times, this is a more powerful tool than savings alone.

Emotion Through Storytelling

People enjoy being transported to another place. A well told story can often be the most persuasive form of writing or speaking. It allows businesses to leave a powerful and lasting message to their listeners (customers). This is an effective method to draw someone in and hold their interest.

Loyalty Programs

What is a loyalty program? This is simply a marketing system instituted by a business that rewards purchasing behavior. In turn, it may increase the customer’s urge to stay loyal to the company. Some excellent facets of a loyalty program are store credit, prizes, and special discounts.

Random Acts of Kindness

Creating goodwill with customers can be one of the most effective methods of obtaining a lasting customer. Sometimes it’s more about a random act of kindness that creates a memorable brand, rather than the cost of what it takes to reel a customer in. Provide a “just because” discount code, a donation program for purchases or even a small gift inside the product as a token of appreciation. Honda’s Random Acts of Helpfulness is an extraordinary example of how an act of kindness goes a long way. Honda has provided uber rides, given away free gas cards, paid for childcare and much more. They are even known now as the “guys in blue” and it brings customers excitement and joy to anticipate whats next.


Everyone has a love story. When they first met someone that sparked interest to the unforgettable moment when they knew that person was the one. Customer Satisfaction can be one remarkable experience that creates a solid relationship forever. Using a small amount of effort and creativity, businesses create magic moments that reap huge results: increased customer gratitude and loyalty. Remember, the interaction will only last minutes but their love and confidence of your brand could last a lifetime.

Find out what are your customers’ love stories!


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