5 Reasons Why You Need QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is an easy to use software that’s designed to help you manage your accounting and business needs efficiently and smoothly. It provides the functionality to handle payments, accounting, payroll, inventory, inventory, and more. It also has the look and feel of QuickBooks Online.

Find out why QuickBooks Enterprise is right for you.

1. Enterprise is Tailored For Your Industry

Enterprise has versions dedicated to contractors, manufacturers and wholesalers, nonprofits, retail, and professional services. These various editions provide specialized features, like customized chart of accounts and critical reports targeted to your type of business.

2. Get It Done All at Once and From Anywhere

Have the privilege of filing payroll taxes, pay employees, accept payments, track inventory, and run reports all at once. With QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise everything’s stored in the cloud, not locally at your office, so you can manage your business whenever and wherever you want. Your team can all work with the same protected data at the same time on a Mac, PC, or tablet.

3. Pay and Be Paid

With Desktop Enhanced Payroll, create unlimited paychecks, use free direct deposit, file payroll taxes and more. When tax time comes you’ll be way ahead. With QuickBooks Payments, you’ll see money in your pocket and fast. Enterprise automatically updates and sends payments directly to the bank and with Intuit Field Service Management you can connect your staff to make scheduling and getting paid easier.

4. Advanced Inventory

Advanced Inventory helps you make better business decisions – when inventory is under control, rest easy and focus on the rest of your business. Advanced Inventory gives the broad visibility to adapt quickly, reorder smoothly. With Advanced Reporting, you can build any report whenever you need it. Easy templates let you create reports specifically for your industry. Automatically fill in your company data and view reports without having to export to Excel.

5. User Number and Capacity

As an Enterprise user, you can scale up to as many as 30 users with the most powerful version of QuickBooks, and never give up access or control. Get more than 6 times the capacity of other QuickBooks products — support for hundreds of thousands of users, items, and vendors.

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Source: Intuit

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