10 Pillars of SoCo Tax &
Cloud Accounting

10 Pillars of SoCo

  1. This is a Christian business and a portion of our revenues are donated to Saddleback Church.
  2. We treat our clients how we would like to be treated.
  3. Our relationships are true relationships. We laugh together, celebrate success together, and are together through tough times.
  4. If we can’t provide value, we won’t engage.
  5. We believe that organizations can increase efficiency and provide better service with technology and connectedness.
  6. Our conversations behind closed doors are uplifting.
  7. Client interviews are for discovering if a relationship makes sense for both parties.
  8. Our 3 criterias for accepting new clients: must be profitable or a start-up, have a business or cause that is interesting to us, and must be nice and enjoyable to work with.
  9. We are current with the newest ideas in business, technology, and leadership.
  10. When we say yes we can, we will!
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