DEAR Systems is a cloud based system that stores, tracks, and manages your inventory for you.

Our team uses Xero and Quickbooks integration with DEAR Systems to make life easier for small businesses like modern retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. It is considered the ultimate solution for inventory and wholesaler management, as it can handle multi-channels, assemblies, kits and more.

Features of DEAR Systems

  • eCommerce – You can manage sales channels through DEAR’s e-commerce platforms. From orders until shipment, everything can be tracked with just one click, which saves you time.
  • Manufacturing – You have the ability to track raw materials and production
  • Purchasing – Keep track of your purchasing history which allows efficient pricing and ultimately a more profitable business.
  • Sales Inventory Management – Allows you to set reorder points and adjust stock movements within the business. Make your sales more functional through the flexible Drop Shipment.
  • Accounting – the most crucial part in running a successful business. We help you integrate Quickbooks and Xero with DEAR so all the tricky calculations are done for you. With this time saving mechanism, we avoid managing finances manually.

While DEAR can appear daunting for small businesses, SoCo’s expertise in cloud accounting systems and business processes make setting up and maintenance easier for you. We are able to help you accomplish your tasks by successfully integrating your softwares seamlessly. Because so many of our clients have benefited from the features of DEAR, we highly recommend this application.

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