Let Expensify do the heavy lifting for you Paper-based expense systems are seemingly straightforward, but hidden costs like non-compliance, human error, and the inefficient allocation of employees’ time belie the resource-intensive burden of manual expense reporting and reconciliation. With Expensify, your expense process is not only faster, it’s easier!


Automatic Expenses No more manual entry, ever. SmartScan a receipt and an expense is automatically created with merchant, date, and amount already entered in for you.

Policy Adherence Managers can approve reports with speed and confidence, knowing that your organization’s policies are strictly enforced. Reports that don’t comply are flagged for prioritized review.

Intelligent Company Card Reconciliation Whether it’s across the organization or just between a few employees, Expensify automatically categorizes and matches receipts to company card transactions, saving employees time and finance teams from headaches.

Seamless Workflow Integrations Whether it’s QuickBooks, Netsuite, or another ERP software that fuels your business, Expensify’s direct integrations help you work smarter with the tools you already use.

Industry-Leading Security With bank level security to protect sensitive corporate data, Expensify’s PCI and SOC1 compliance guarantees the highest level of protection for any company.


•  SmartScan converts receipts into complete, report-ready expenses
•  Direct credit card import
•  Automatically categorized transactions
•  Capture receipts on-the-go and submit reports with our mobile app
•  Ensured policy compliance across teams
•  Flagged expenses for policy exceptions
•  Simple one-click approval
•  Seamless accounting integrations
•  Full audit trails displayed in Report History
•  Direct Deposit reimbursement via Expensify ACH, PayPal or payroll system
•  Automatic receipt matching for personal and corporate credit cards


Insanely easy receipt capture, intelligent auditing, and massive efficiency gains are just some of the benefits of doing your expenses in realtime. See how Expensify completely automates your expense reporting process below:


Automatic Reporting
Expenses are automatically added to a report as they are SmartScanned, which eliminates the need to manually create reports.

Automatic Harvesting
Reports with no policy violations are automatically submitted on a timed basis, so you don’t have to spend time on what you’ve already approved.

Automatic Approval
Reports without violations are immediately approved after being submitted.

Automatic Reimbursement
Reports under a set monetary threshold are automatically reimbursed using Expensify’s rapid reimbursement.


Automatic Statement Reporting
Each month, Expensify will automatically create and populate a report with all corporate card expenses and submit them on the employee’s behalf.

Automatic Receipt Match
We will automatically match the receipt image with the transactional data imported directly from your bank, so employees don’t have to worry about it.

Automatic Statement Reminders
We will send reminder emails at the end of each month when reports are due to eliminate back-and-forth emails when
admins are trying to close the month.


Pricing starts at $5/month per active user and caps at $9/month per active user on a company policy. Activity-based pricing means if your employees don’t use us, you don’t pay. There are also no setup or implementation fees, meaning no surprises or hidden costs at the end of each month.

Sound like something you need? Try us out with a free 30 day trial! Head over to to get started.


See why companies of all sizes choose Expensify as their go-to expense reporting solution.

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