The Benefits of Working in the Cloud

What exactly is working in the cloud? Using cloud based applications such as Google Drive, Slack, Box, Microsoft Office 365 and hundreds more, simply means – no more hard drives! You’re basically working on the internet. Businesses access their software through Cloud based applications where all the data is stored on secure and remote servers. This phenomenon has revolutionized businesses around the world.

Imagine being able to access the same document, from any device, anywhere you are. That is exactly what entrepreneurs, small businesses, and teams are accomplishing and it has made goals more achievable and the process more efficient. Let’s look at the some of the ways working in the cloud is making our lives easier and keeping our businesses thriving!


Get It Done On the Beach

Whether it is your iPad, MacBook, iPhone, android phone, PC or tablet (good grief!), the same data and information will be accessible through the cloud software of your choice. Quickbooks Online and a martini oceanfront, anyone?

Automatic Software Updates

Say goodbye to the ugly server notifications and prompts to update security and upgrade software. Enjoy the beauty of cloud computing – software updates whether daily, weekly, or monthly, its taking place behind the scenes!

Capital Expenditure Free

No more hardware purchases and banal installation procedures. With cloud apps, setups are streamlined, user-friendly and require minimal management.

It’s All About Teamwork

Collaboration with your peers and colleagues has never been easier. Imagine two people being able to edit the same document from two different places simultaneously with changes tracked seamlessly. File-sharing is now a pleasure.

Document Control Has a New Definition

The best part – no more redundant emails chains and threads with suggested changes being lost, conflicting content or old attachments. Goodbye formatting issues! This streamlining of document control lets everyone always see the same information, even when in a different part of the world and time zone.


Even with cloud based software, data is sensitive. Businesses don’t need to worry about devices such as laptops, tablets, or kits being lost or destroyed along with its million dollar ideas inside. Data stored on cloud computing is always there, always accessible.

Environmentally Friendly

Printing documents has become redundant and unnecessary when the information is stored forever in the cloud software being used. Those concerned about the amount of paper we waste in businesses don’t need to fret anymore due to a great reduction in carbon footprinting.


Businesses should always be well aware of the unpredictability of disasters and therefore be equipped to implement recovery mode in an instant. With all data stored on the internet, recovery is optimal and worry-free as servers are automatically backed-up!


If you haven’t already switched your business to the cloud, doing so now will save you time, money, and stress. Below is a little glossary of cloud based applications that our staff at SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting absolutely love.





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