Brazil Acquires Intuit QuickBooks Advanced

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Olá! For all you non-Portuguese speaking folks, that means hello!

Success is measured with milestones and you can say Intuit is cruising down the road to success. The accounting software giant recently just crossed a huge milestone having reached a million QuickBooks Online subscribers just in the United States alone.

Following up on the success of its products, Intuit is branching further into international waters. In order to assist accounting professionals bring growth to small businesses, the company recently launched QuickBooks Online in Brazil, adding to its list of countries it supports.

What better country to bring its services to than the country that will host this year’s Summer Olympics! Other than being known for its amazing coffee, soccer team, wild festivals, and breathtaking beaches, Brazil also offers an emerging market. The new QuickBooks Online solution for Brazil is called QuickBooks Advanced and is customized for the country’s market. With over a million subscribers worldwide, QuickBooks Advanced will equip small and medium businesses with the resources needed to manage finances.

Intuit Brazil’s country manager, André Macedo said, “We’re proud to bring this solution to Brazilian entrepreneurs. It fundamentally helps the SMB owners to implement best financial practices.”

QuickBooks Advanced was translated and personalized for the emerging Brazilian market. Users can integrate their financial data automatically with the leading financial institutions in Brazil that include Caixa, Santander, Banco do Brasil to name a few.

Besides QuickBooks Advanced, Intuit also has two products it offers to Brazil, QuickBooks ZeroPaper and its plus version. QuickBooks ZeroPaper, an entry-point free answer, has features for simple control of receivables and bills. While QuickBooks ZeroPaper has limited transactions, QuickBooks Zero Plus has no limit and offers more detailed reports.

Every QuickBooks product is cloud-based where users can securely store financial data that can be easily accessible anytime and anywhere from computers, smartphones and tablets.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about QuickBooks and its products, please contact or call 1-888-603-8121.


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