Bringing full-service payroll to customers in all 50 states


Xero and Gusto are partnering up for a duo that will offer state of the art accounting combined with full service and user-friendly payroll.

Small businesses and accounting professionals consider payroll an integral part of their everyday responsibilities, whether its onboarding, doing payroll taxes for state or federal, and ensuring payday is executed smoothly for their employees.

Some of Gusto’s time saving features include:

  • payroll run online with the latest software
  • taxes (federal, state and local) automatically paid and filed
  • financial data automatically integrated into Xero
  • expense tracking and time tracking software integration
  • data is synced and automated

Gusto and Xero’s integration with each other will become seamless by the end of this year, where users will be able to manage cash flow easier as the software will be updates as reports are run and an up to date view of cash flow will be available. Users will enjoy single sign on so once their Xero credentials are verified they’re in Gusto as well.

Within the Xero software, small businesses and their accountants alike will be able to manage payroll and generate the reports using Gusto. This makes collaboration for users that are utilizing features from both a lot simpler.

In the coming months, Gusto’s full service will be deeply integrated into Xero’s platform and customers will be able to utilize the features of both applications at once. Until then, users will continue using existing services separately.

For small businesses and accounting professionals, having Gusto’s user-friendly service as a part of Xero’s seamless software will make processes run more efficiently and its another step closer to being as organized as possible.

These two companies are on the cutting edge of cloud technology which makes business tasks manageable and in the long run, builds success for businesses and accountants.


Image Source: Xero


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