Spotlight Reporting

Outsourced CFO Services

Traditionally, a CFO oversees the financial activities of a company, analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and outlining plans for improvement. While employing a full-time CFO is not financially realistic for many small businesses, SoCo Tax takes on this role for you and fulfills the needs of a CFO.
While we play the role of a chief financial officer, we have a bigger responsibility: to work with business owners on managing the entire finance department and connecting you with sources and strategies that help you grow long term. We also help you on a day-to-day basis.  Many small businesses and entrepreneurs make the smart move by hiring us to perform their CFO services and taking the stress off of their plates.

Financial Modeling/Forecasting

Financial modeling is a process of building financial representation for a company, which in turn helps make business decisions. When variables are identified, the company can adjust the variables and see how it impacts the business.
Financial models can also be used for historical analysis and projecting the full performance of a company.
When combined with financial forecasting, modeling takes information and builds a predictive model, which helps a company make sound business decisions. Our SoCo team helps your business build financial models, identify key variables, and generate relevant historical analyses that provide you with all the sources you need for a successful business.
Financial forecasting is when a company thinks about and prepares for its future. At SoCo Tax, we help you identify whether your goals and priorities are financially realistic and consistent. We will also help you identify the assets or debt needed to succeed with your goals.

Data Analysis of Your Accounting Records

With our accounting softwares, we make sense of your data. Our visualization tools create reports that are useful for your business and also provide you a way to identify potential issues. One of the main benefits of using analytical software, is being able to provide your business with complete data sets so that way we can observe patterns and be aware of discrepancies. By reducing your error rate, you’ll gain more time and resources to put back into your business.

When your data is analyzed, it can be utilized for auditing purposes and risk assessment as well. Our team can take your data and introduce to you new ways to visualize and interpret information.


Reporting Tools: Spotlight

Spotlight is just one of the tools SoCo loves to use for both cloud-based financial and non-financial reporting, dashboards, and forecasts. By using Spotlight, you gain the potential to increase revenue. We are experts in leading sources like Xero, QuickBooks Online or MYOB, and non-financial data from Google Analytics and WorkflowMax. Spotlight’s PDF, email, and online options make sharing reports with clients simple. With Spotlight, we help your business work smarter, not harder. 

As with most of our softwares, Spotlight allows us to work from anywhere.

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