Is the Cloud the Safest Option?

With the cloud being a new concept, it is hard to put trust in something that could cause you to have information stolen or wiped out.

Is it really secure or can anyone access the information you are trusting the cloud to store?

It is easy to be skeptical when reliable companies, like Apple, are hacked. For cases like Apple, this was a rare occurrence that could have been considered Apple’s fault. The system was breached due to the fact that they had a guessable password. The cloud itself was not actually hacked. Rather, persistent hackers were able to find a way to get through security questions and passwords for certain users.

Still, this caused a lot of doubt in Apple’s iCloud storage. People began to stray away because they could not put their trust in the storage of all their data. Data is generally very protected in the cloud. This is done through encryption. In order to access data, hackers would need the encryption key. Although it is not impossible, it is extremely unlikely that somebody would be able to obtain this. It requires not only large amounts of time, but also forensic software along with a massive amount of processing power.

This means that your data stored in the cloud is likely more safe than it would be anywhere else.

The security is complex, and not able to be accessed by just anyone.

You can ensure the safety of your cloud stored data by avoiding poor password security. Do not use the same passwords that you use for other programs, as this is an obvious way to get hacked. The strength of a password can be increased by adding numbers, letters, and symbols. It should also be completely irrelevant to your personal life.

Yes, that does mean you should probably change your password if you have chosen it based off of your current dog’s name. There are some encryptions that are safer than others, like military grade encryptions. Credeon and nCryption Cloud are best known for their impressive protection. There is not only the worry of your data being accessed by an outsider, but there is also the fear of losing data.

The cloud protects your data from natural disasters, and cloud providers also ensure that your data will be kept with them. You can avoid losing data by taking shared files and storing them in platforms like Google Drive to be sure that if anything bad happens, at least it can be found in multiple places.

Today, most companies are using the cloud for data storage. Based off of this knowledge, it is safe to assume that this is the best way to store your data in most cases. Since 2009, cloud storage has grown significantly. Data breaches are very rare, and can be avoided.

With technology rapidly advancing, we would recommend you take advantage of all that these advancements have to offer.

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