Explaining “Beautiful Accounting Software”


What does ‘Beautiful business’ mean?

‘Beautiful accounting software’ has served Xero well as a tagline over the past seven years.

They’ve grown and evolved substantially in recent years, so their community decided to reflect what Xero is today, and where they are going. ‘Beautiful accounting software’ will always be at the core of what they do, but it doesn’t encompass the thriving business technology platform Xero has become.

By combining the two words ‘beautiful business’, Xero is reflecting their full potential to impact the small business economy by connecting millions of businesses to their advisors, banks, apps, enterprises and each other. Xero is making an impact on small businesses, and in doing so, aim to have a positive economic contribution to the world.

What does it look like?

Xero helps create and recognize beautiful moments in small business. Nothing beats clinching the first sale, securing a second location downtown, seeing a product in store across the country, or hiring the tenth employee.

Whether it’s building beautiful software or delivering beautiful experiences. And when we say beautiful, Xero is not just talking about aesthetics. It’s about making every interaction with our partners and customers engaging and inspiring.

Moments of beauty in your business

Whether you’re a partner, a business owner, or a Xero, the impact you have on the small business economy is huge.

From Xerocon in the USA, Australia, the beautiful business campaign to the home of Xero, the company chatted to customers and partners about what the new tagline and manifesto means to them.

Wyndi Tagi from WE Accounting says “we see ‘Beautiful business’ as a collaboration, which is why we named our company WE. It’s us and the client working in partnership with a software that allows collaboration to flow seamlessly.”

For Sophie Andrews, from Accounts Studio, ‘Beautiful business’ is about educating business owners on the impact of cash-flow and the strategies they can implement. “Changing these perceptions, getting people excited about their own numbers, and making sure small business owners get the right advice can make all the difference to someone’s life and livelihood.”

For Alyssa Tilk from SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting, “beautiful software means a system full of efficiency and reliable features. Being able to access Xero’s tools from anywhere in the world and know that the reliability is seamless, gives small business owners and accountants the ability to feel empowered and confident in their work and their organization.”





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