Get Paid Two Times Faster with QuickBooks Payments

Receiving payments is an ongoing hassle for many firms. Invoices often become past due and it usually requires spending time and money chasing down clients to receive payments for services rendered by you. Apart from disrupting your cashflows, the hassle can even drive customers away when they feel like they are being hounded too often to pay. This in turn can impact customer retention and long-term profitability.

Luckily, QuickBooks rolled out a new feature that can fix your Accounts Receivable problems by helping you get paid twice as fast.

The setup is easy and all it requires is for you to sign up for a payment account. This one-minute process is all you need to use the pre-enabled invoice feature. This allows your clients to see a “Pay Now” link in their invoices which they can click to pay by credit card or ACH. ACH payments are free and thus ideal for your clients so their bookkeeping can be up to date thanks to a quick payment process.

G-mail integration is another great feature for both you and your clients. You can now invoice with the Google Calendar app so important information such as invoice descriptions and due dates are all in one place. This is great for you because you can see in one window when you should be expecting payments as well as for clients who can see the invoice on their calendar.

Another helpful feature QuickBooks released late last year is the GoPayment Mobile Card Reader. This updated card reader is Bluetooth enabled and will work with both chip and magnetic stripe credit and debit cards. The card reader can be operated with a smartphone making it ideal for business operating on the go. Gopayment is a simple and fast instrument meant to save you time.

QuickBooks continues to expand on features catered to all businesses. Managing Accounts Receivables can be a daunting task when clients are not paying on time – but luckily it doesn’t have to be that way. See how the new Quickbooks Payment features can help your business succeed by simplifying the payment for you and your clients. Contact us for more information!



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