Gusto Integration with Quickbooks

QuickBooks Online (QBO) in an online platform geared towards small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for day to day expenses of their business. Features include expense tracking, data entry, mobile compatibility, and accountant access for a fully rounded software experience.

Gusto and Quickbooks are two of SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting’s favorite software programs.

They’re efficient and simple to work with. Gusto is one of the payroll services we love because it integrates with many of the other accounting programs we work with.

The two-way integration with QuickBooks Online allows you to sync a detailed journal entry into your QuickBooks Online Account. We can pull your chart of accounts directly from QBO and use your customized accounts to create a journal entry. There are also options within the entry based on earnings types and QBO classes.

We love that QuickBooks and Gusto allow users to sync them together in order to build journal entries into Quickbooks Online (QBO).

The steps of integration are so simple:

  1. Click the settings tab.
  2. Under Software Integration, click Add New Integration.
  3. Next to QuickBooks Online, click Connect to QuickBooks.
  4. Enter your QuickBooks Online credentials to get connected.
  5. Click Authorize for QBO and Gusto to sync.
  6. Map your chart of accounts.
  7. Let the software know what payroll transactions will sync to which QBO accounts.
  8. Select if the sync is going to be run automatically or manually.

This program makes payroll, HR, and benefits easy for you. Traditional payroll providers are more of a hassle compared to Gusto, and there are so many more benefits for your small business.

With the many great features of QBO and this payroll software, accountants are able to accomplish so much in the most efficient way.

For FAQs, visit Gusto Support  or contact our Gusto and Quickbooks experts here at SoCo.

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