Gusto Payroll Adds New Features

According to Business News Daily, Gusto is a leading online payroll service for both S corporations and sole proprietors. Gusto is attractive to small businesses because its services come at a low standard cost of $29 per month and is incredibly user friendly. Even Fortune magazine is a big fan of Gusto, nicknaming it “tech’s latest unicorn” and raving about how easy it is for “employers [to] set up the process in minutes, and automates employee payments, tax calculations, and direct deposit.” A great aspect of Gusto is that it automatically files local, state and federal taxes. It also seamlessly integrates with financial software such as Quickbooks and Freshbooks and even time tracking software such as TSheets.

After reviewing feedback from its accountant partners, Gusto has recently rolled out 4 additional new features to its payroll service to allow substantial flexibility between accountants and their clients. What’s even better is that Gusto does not charge for any added features. These new features allows businesses to customize their payroll to their choosing.

Multiple Pay Rates
Clients’ employees who have several company roles can now be paid different rates based on each role they perform.

Multiple Pay Schedules
Payroll can be customized to set up various schedules for both hourly and salaried employees.

Easy Calendar Sync
Important payroll deadlines and paydays can be synced to your personal Outlook, Google or iCal Calendar.

Contractor Self-Onboarding
Contractors can enter their information directly online to save time and minimize errors.

Right now, Gusto is offering small businesses a free 2 month trial. You can sign up and try out the service here. Don’t miss out on this great offer! If you have any questions about Gusto, please contact

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