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Where do we begin with all the wonderful aspects of Gusto? The payroll service goes beyond just that. It is an online HR service that provides simplified business processes. To list some of the benefits: It helps save time, makes the payroll process quick and easy, securely stores employee information, integrates seamlessly with third-party systems, and so much more. Not to mention, the interface is completely user friendly, and is exciting to use.


Gusto isn’t just business, and no fun. The interface is built to make the user experience more pleasant than most other software programs. When asking my coworker what some of her favorite features were, she mentioned the pig that appears on the screen when reports upload. This makes the waiting process far more entertaining, and in my opinion, is much more satisfying than seeing a rainbow-colored wheel spinning on your screen. It also allows you to make your employee profile a bit more exciting than other HR services. Gusto has each employee fill out fun facts about themselves, such as your favorite junk food, what animal you would choose to be and why, and what actor would play you if your life was a movie. This way you are able to learn more about the people you work with.

Not only is it fun to use, but it is easy as well. Gusto on-boarding is a quick process, that can be done in 10 simple steps. Once you have entered all employee information in, it is stored securely, and can be accessed when needed. It is not often that you will run into issues during this process, but if you do, Gusto customer service is incredibly helpful. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and always quick to contact, so questions don’t go unanswered. As for payroll, all users have to do is set up a payment schedule, and Gusto takes it from there. It provides users with their previous pay-stub, and states their next pay day.


Amongst the many great features, one of the greatest aspects is Gusto’s ability to integrate easily. Here at SoCo Tax and Cloud Accounting, we are avid QuickBooks and Xero users. The fact that the payroll service can connect to our other favorite software systems makes our lives easier. We even have it connected with TSheets, so hours can be tracked accurately and efficiently.


One of the ways the service goes above and beyond, is giving users the ability to donate to their favorite charities. If you are passionate about a foundation and want to help out, Gusto gives you the option to choose a cause and automatically send a donation directly from your paycheck. It is great to use a software system that also values giving back.


Gusto is reliable, whether that be through it’s scheduled payroll, or keeping documents safe. It is completely user friendly, and if you ever run into an issue, the wonderful staff is there to help.

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