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and By Judy Cheng

HubDoc is a great at archiving your clients’ financial information.
HubDoc is a great at archiving your clients’ financial information.

HubDoc is a great and safe way to automatically pull your bills and bank statements into one secure hub. It uses a bank level data security system so all your information is undoubtedly protected. It makes your time more efficient by only requiring one login to view and manage the documents from all of your accounts. You will no longer need to log into your multiple accounts just to gather your statements. The startup is simple and one-time only: just search for your account provider, enter your information, and HubDoc will do the rest.

Since HubDoc is paperless, your files are backed up and saved forever so you never have to worry about losing pertinent paperwork. Its auto-pilot feature immediately transfers documents to cloud accounting platforms (i.e. Xero and Quickbooks Online) and cloud storage options (i.e. Box) via seamless software integration. You can use HubDoc on the go with its mobile app that lets you snap photos of invoices and receipts that are then pushed to a secure hub. You can even email any paperwork to HubDoc to be stored.

HubDoc is a great tool for accountants. When it connects with any client credit card or bank account, every financial statement available on the website (typically up to 18 months) is immediately downloaded. This is extremely helpful when performing bank reconciliations.

You can sign up for a free 14 day HubDoc trial here.

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