Intuit’s New CEO

After 11 years of success, Brad Smith has stepped down as Intuit’s CEO. As a 54 year old who, has been extraordinary to the company, he saw this as an opportunity for somebody else to contribute their leadership skills. Smith believes in the subscription-service company, and leaves with high hopes for their continued success.


Taking Smith’s place is Sasan Goodarzi, who was previously the Small Business and Self-Employed role of Intuit. He has worked in a number of roles for the company. Joining the team in 2004, he has since served as the general manager of Intuit’s ProTax organization and as the general manager of Intuit’s Financial Services Division. Not to mention, he was most recently the executive vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group. Taking on his new position, Goodarzi will also become a part of Intuit’s board of directors.

Goodarzi has shown to be an accomplished individual since earning his bachelor’s degree from University of Central Florida, and his master’s degree from Northwestern University. His background consists of years of experience as a global president for Invensys and a senior manager at Honeywell. Lastly, he was a cofounder of the business Lazor Cables Inc.


With Brad Smith leaving, Goodarzi has big shoes to fill. The expectations have been set high, as Smith was able to double the amount of customers subscribing to the software. As a result, the revenue doubled as well. With great leadership, the company was transformed into what it is today.


The new CEO is dedicated to the company, and has continuously worked to better the team. Already working for Intuit for 13 years, he has proven his diligence, and seems driven to only better Intuit’s performance. Smith has worked with him to better prepare him for the position. He has been a role model to Goodarzi, and has set a great example for his future work. “I’m honored and humbled by the opportunity, and I’m thrilled to lead intuit into the next chapter in its history,” the new CEO states.


Intuit will be undergoing many changes starting in January, 2019. Sasan Goodarzi is said to be a growth driver for the company, so he is prepared to take on his new role. Taking his place as senior vice president is Alex Chriss. He has been with the company since 2004, and has shown to be a great asset to the team. Along with this transition, Tayloe Stansbury will no longer be Intuit’s CTO. After 9 years, Stansbury has decided to step down, and Marianna Tessel will succeed as chief technology officer.


Intuit has a promising future. With Brad Smith’s positive impact on the company, they are bound to have great success for years to come. The SoCo Tax and Cloud Accounting team looks forward to watching Intuit grow even more, and we praise their current feats.

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