The Latest Apps in Xero’s Marketplace

Xero integrates seamlessly to make running a business easier. The software integrates with over 600 apps that solve business needs in the area of payroll, inventory, CRM, invoicing, reporting, documents, and so much more. They work well with all types of businesses, ranging from retail to education.

Let’s take you through the recent additions of the marketplace, so you know how you can cut back the stress of accounting.


With automatic reconciliation, paying bills, managing payment methods, and setting up automatic payment bills is easier than ever.

Veem International Payments

Xero users and accounting professionals can easily pay global suppliers. Whether you pay with US dollars or foreign currency, it is easy to complete payment tasks wherever you are.

Patchability Time

This app focuses on making invoicing simple. When you enter events into your Google Calendar, it syncs with Xero invoices to help save time.


Fluidly integrates with Xero to make reporting easier. With smart credit control powered by AI, you can forecast and protect your business cash flow.


This app is made for small business owners to help provide detailed analyses and manage a due diligence process with colleagues and other stakeholders. Services include: Financial Projections, Business Valuations, Financial Benchmarking, Business Due Diligence, and Business Plans.


Business loans can be easily given out by simply logging into Xero and applying online. The approval is quick and can reach up to $150,000 of business loans. There are also no fees or obligations.


The payroll service manages human resources matters and integrates seamlessly with Xero. You can also manage leaves and claim rosters.


Online invoices can be paid and sent from Xero. Worldpay is one of the largest payment providers, as 300,000 customers in the UK are using the program.


The time sheet program integrates with Xero, so manual entry is unnecessary. Paying staff is much easier with this app, as there is just a 1 click import. All you have to do is export the timesheets from Tanda into Xero for payroll, review, and pay.


The app has released two new updates. The first is called Key Trends. This new report brings you a unified look into an organization’s profitability, cash, and equity trends. The Cashflow Forecast has a report feature that pulls an organization’s total cash balance and then displays this in a short-term cash flow statement.

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