New Quickbooks Enterprise Features 2018


QuickBooks Enterprise is constantly staying up to date with today’s technology and aims to make the life of their users easier. In 2018, QuickBooks will be introducing a number of new updates that will make their software even more convenient to use. These new features will allow users to work more efficiently. As if it wasn’t great already, QuickBooks Enterprise is about to get even better.


Barcode Scanning

To start out, there will be a mobile inventory barcode scanning feature. This will increase accuracy in data entry, along with speed. Not only is the scanning feature convenient due to the simplicity, but it is also available anywhere with internet connection.

Ordering and Inventory Improvements

There will also be an improvement with sales order management and inventory picking. Users will be able to emphasize the importance of urgent orders with the prioritizing feature. There will be more control and faster fulfillment.

Loyalty Program

QuickBooks Enterprise will also be introducing a loyalty program called Priority Circle. A Customer Success Manager will be provided to QBE users, in order to help you achieve your goals. QuickBooks training, along with U.S. based customer care contacts will be offered in order to help users succeed. QuickBooks Enterprise will also be offering a way to increase efficiency with multi-monitor support. This will allow users to access more information at one time, and increase productivity.

Inventory Reports

Lastly, customizable inventory reports will be created which will help with making business decisions.


QuickBooks Enterprise works to please their customers and offers so many high quality features that improve productivity. With the new updates you will be able to get more done, faster than ever. QuickBooks Enterprise 18.0 is going to allow users to spend more time on their customers, as the tools provided will allow you to work more efficiently.

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