Newest Apps Integrating with QuickBooks

It is once again, time to introduce all of the new apps being integrated with QuickBooks Online!

The team at Intuit is constantly looking for ways to make running your business easier.

Here is a preview of what June 2018 has presented QBO users with:


Takes organization and management to a new level. Users are able to schedule workers, manage customer information, and facilitate billing records in QBO.

FinJinni Professional

Collects data from QuickBooks and creates a data warehouse that can be accessed from tools like Excel, providing advanced and custom reports that allow you to build your own reports directly from Excel.

Allows business decisions to be made with ease, while providing easy access to insights from data, such as having a better handle on monthly costs.

HR Cloud Onboard and HRIS

Through the process of streamlining federal compliance paperwork, HR processes, and training, new higher productivity is increased.

To access and learn more about these apps, you can find them under the Apps tab in QBO or you can click on “Newest” after searching This way you will have a better understanding of all of the new features that have come to QBO, and you will never be out of the loop.


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