If we were to ask a group of small business owners and entrepreneurs which accounting task they’d like to be rid of right away, chances are that they’d agree payroll is one of the most burdensome tasks they’d like to shed.

Paying employees requires patience and precision – two assets not all businesses can afford when being stretched in so many directions that achieving their goals demands. Don’t forget that running payroll directly corresponds with taxes and the IRS!

How can QuickBooks Payroll Make Payday Easier?

The QuickBooks Payroll system was designed to not only shed light on the payroll process, but also to combine multiple payroll issues and solve them simultaneously. There are two different versions which can make your life easier, and depending on what your needs are, you can choose different options. Let’s take a quick look.

QuickBooks Enhanced

I want to do payroll myself.

  • Instant paychecks for W-2 employees
  • Easily pay 1099 contractors
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Free direct deposit
  • Easily prepare Federal & State forms
  • Electronically pay and file taxes, including W-2’s at year-end
  • Email reminders for taxes & forms
  • Free support from payroll experts
  • Print W-2’s & forms for employees
  • Accessible from iPad, iPhone or Android (Online version only)
  • Works with or without QuickBooks

QuickBooks Full Service

I want payroll done for me.

  • We setup, run payroll, and file payroll taxes for you – No tax penalties guaranteed
  • Instant paychecks or use free direct deposit
  • We prepare and file W-2s at year end
  • Free new hire reporting for W-2 employees
  • Manage vacation, deductions, garnishments, and more
  • Guaranteed error-free paychecks & payroll taxes
  • Free live US-based support from experts
  • Works with or without QuickBooks