Let us help you pay your employees!

Whether you’re running the office, inspiring a team, building a startup company, or pursuing your passion, old-school payroll and HR are simply not built for your needs. But Gusto is.

Beginning the journey with a new payroll provider can appear to be complicated, expensive, and even time consuming, but with the help of our team, setting up and processing your first payroll will be a piece of cake.

Just gather the following items, and let our concierge service at SoCo Tax take care of your on-boarding.

Gather Your Addresses: Mailing, Filing, and Work Addresses

  • Mailing – the address where you receive mail from the government
  • Filing – the address that you have on file with the IRS when you registered your business
  • Work Address – the address where your employees are physically performing work
  • After you’ve gathered these, we’ll need your employees’ personal information

    • Legal Name
    • Compensation
    • Email address

    So what about your employees’ dates of birth, addresses, and social security numbers? Gusto does all the work for you by making it simple for your employees to Self On Board.

    Fill out their I9, W4, account number for direct deposit, and even sign off on authorization forms, all with a simple click of your mouse. With payroll compliance, payroll taxes, and each filed and taken care of automatically, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

    On-boarding and switching payroll providers will be a breeze with SoCo Tax on your team. Contact us, and let us know it’s time for you to switch to Gusto for Payroll.

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