Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise 18.0

This year QuickBooks has released their latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 18.0.

QuickBooks 18.0 is packed with new features, aiming to help small and medium businesses run their company in a more efficient way. This software includes all of the new features of both Pro and Premier. Let’s take a look.

Mobile inventory Scanner

This speeds up the process by reducing errors when sending sales orders directly to workers. As the inventory is scanned, both pick list and inventory will be automatically updated in real time.

Improved Sales order Fulfillment

With this feature, the inventory controllers can now prioritize the most urgent sales orders and get important information, such as ship, date, inventory availability and order value.

Enhanced Inventory Reports

With Enhanced Inventory Reports, you may now customize inventory reports by adding columns and filters.

Merge Vendors

You can use Merge Vendors to eliminate duplicates and clean up vendor list by merging up to four vendors into one.

Cash/Accrual Toggle Features

This allows accounting professionals to switch “views” in financial reports from a cash basis to an accrual basis and vice versa.

Search Functionality in the Chart of Accounts

With new search functionality,you can now find an account or sub-account faster.

“Past Due” Stamp for Invoices

This automatically adds a “Past Due” notice to overdue invoices for emailing or printing.

New Copy/Paste Functionality

Copy and paste invoices to speed things along when dealing with repeating transactions.


With the new QuickBooks Enterprise 18.0, you will surely speed up your processes and reduce data entry errors.





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