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When it comes to processing inside of QBO, QuickBooks Payments is the best! The feature is highly advanced, but simultaneously so simple to use. Using QuickBooks Payments not only allows you to complete Deposits for Invoices and Sales Receipts, but you can also Receive Payments. Along with this, you can create recurring sales receipts. To learn more, proceed to this link Recurring Sales Receipts.

Every now and then you might come across errors that are uncommon, and therefore difficult to fix. As a result, we feel it would be helpful to walk you through some of the steps to resolve these unique errors.

(1) The Alert was visible on the QBO Dashboard.

(2) By clicking on the Alert, you can view the error.

(3) You will then need to open the transaction to view the Sales Receipt. You will see that it failed to process, but you will not be able to edit the card information at this point.


4) To fix this error, you must open the Customer Information detail (below picture)

5) Next, you must edit the credit card expiration date (as shown above). You need this step to reprocess the transaction. Carrying on, we will discuss how to correct the error of having two visa cards stored and the old sales receipt not recognizing the new card.

6) When the payment fails, the original Sales Receipt has the old card stored in the transaction,you will then need to either delete the transaction or create a Refund Receipt and close the failed Sales Receipt.

7) In order to allow the new card information to populate for payment processing the old Recurring Sales Receipt must be deleted and you have to create a new one.

8) To proceed, you have to select Use on the newly created Recurring Sales Receipt which will replace the failed one.

QuickBooks payments allows you to see and edit the merchant details inside of QBO, so you can use one system for both accounting and processing. This keeps the process quick and simple. However, occasionally I have run into bookkeeping errors due to the number of transactions processed through these services; therefore, it is necessary to find a way around such errors. As of now, there is no way to delete old payment information out of QBO. Hopefully in the near future, Intuit will provide us with a method to either remove or hide it.



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