QuickBooks Update: Next Day Deposits for Bank Transfers

QuickBooks is constantly updating to become more user friendly. The system is easy to use, and just got easier! QuickBooks has announced that their newest update is soon to come. QuickBooks Online Payments users started being able to have next day deposits since February, and it will continue to roll out to users. This means, within the next business day, your bank transfer (ACH) payments will be activated.

The process to get started on next day deposits is simple! In order to be able to do this, you must be a Payments customer. You must also sign up, where you will then receive an email that informs you that your plan is active. The SoCo team can help out with this.

In order to be deposited the next business day, the bank transfer must be processed before 3 PM Pacific Time. Otherwise, they will be deposited the business day after. Be sure to take into consideration, the 1% transfer fee. However, this will never be more than $10 for one transfer. There is also an initial charge when you sign up for this plan, however there is not a monthly fee.

If this is something you are interested in, sign up today to start receiving the benefits! You can contact the SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting team if you want to get started. In fact, if you sign up through us, there will be a discounted rate! If you have more questions about this service, click here

Contact us today to sign up!

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