QuickBooks Updates July 2018

We enjoy using QuickBooks as a comprehensive accounting software that combines a variety of processes into one system. Intuit is constantly working to streamline these processes using app integration and hearing and incorporating feedback from real users who know what their needs are to run their businesses more efficiently.

With new features popping up on a monthly basis, our SoCo team stays up to date on what’s hot and whats not in the world of QuickBooks updates. Intuit strives for improvement to make software more user-friendly and compatible, so the updates and tips outlined below are sure to make life easier for small business owners and accounting professionals alike.

Let’s take a look.


Bulk Receipt Exporting

The importance of keeping your receipts organized is an understatement. Staying organized, keeping permanent records and basically using the “keep everything” motto when it comes to filing taxes and tracking expenses during tax seasons is not foreign to any small business owner. With the option to do “bulk exporting” now in Quickbooks, this new and improved feature will greatly benefit Schedule C clients.

Face it – at the end of tax season, there’s a cleanup. Schedule C clients – forget exporting receipts one by one. With this option, clients can save the cumbersome headache that comes when its time to clean up records after taxes are filed. Rather than export receipts individually and file away, you can simply run a report within the QuickBooks software.

This step will download all of your receipts at once, saving time and effort while keeping organized!



Failed Invoices

How much do you enjoy seeing notifications when using accounting software? When an invoice fails to go through, it can throw payment statuses and balances out of whack that can sometimes create a domino effect. Quickbooks now has a new tool that will notify users when there is a failed invoice. This tool makes things more transparent so that users will always be up to date on what’s happened.

Notifications regarding failed e-invoices will prevent payments from being missed. This will ensure that invoices will be resent if needed in a timely manner and that one will not need to worry about getting paid. There are different ways the notifications will pop up:

  • via email directly to you regarding the failed invoice
  • an updated status within the invoices list
  • the invoice tracker will display a notification on a failed invoice
  • The “Needs Attention” filter of the invoice list will also display the current status of that invoice

The QB Assistant 

The QB Assistant is an awesome chatbot that will be available when you open the QuickBooks Self-Employed app. With this service, you’ll be able to receive assistance with products and issues that come up while you’re working within the software. Help at your fingertips can go a long way.

Though support is around you, at times being a self employed individual can be daunting as there are a lot of things you’re forced to figure out yourself. It’s a unique opportunity to become more tech savvy but when you’re stuck – you’re stuck.

With the QB Assistant chatbot, small business owners and entrepreneurs have virtual assistance while working within the software. By just touching a button, friendly and accommodating help is instantly available, giving you the feeling of self-confidence that puts your mind at ease.

When you open the QuickBooks Self-Employed app, simply click the green message icon which will summon the QB Assistant. Through text or voice commands, present your issue and they’ll take it from there.

The QB Assistant database answers a multitude of questions to help you get clarity. If they’re just not cutting it, use the text or voice command to say “I need help from a human” and you’ll be directed to live help.


Some other performance improvements include faster invoice actions where you can delete, void, or copy invoices. This will be available via the “action column” within the all sales list.

When you’re in all sales, you’ll also see a link for transactions. When you’re looking for your transaction audit trail, simply filter through the all sales list and the link will find deleted or voided transactions. This should help save much needed time when running reports.

Intuit has also changed the way transactions show up in QuickBooks Online. When you reconcile paychecks that have been deposited in two different accounts, the paychecks will now display as two distinct transactions in QuickBooks Online. This eases the challenge of matching it up when the time comes to reconcile.


Last but not least, QuickBooks now offers users the opportunity to run bill and invoice payment reports – this means you can run a report for bills or invoices and the corresponding payments/statuses will show up as well. This is huge for small business owners and accounting professionals. Stay tuned for an in depth exploration of this new feature in our next article!

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