QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS is designed for small and medium sized businesses like SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting. We love QuickBooks POS for its wonderful features like accepting payment via credit cards, inventory management, customer management, and more. Additional hardware like bar-code scanners and receipt printers are available to use with the software. The platform has a user friendly interface, automatically updates your inventory, and syncs transactions in real time to your QBO.

The QuickBooks POS system is incredibly reliable. QuickBooks values CRM which is why they have enabled users to track and reward customers. When you ring up sales you can see the balance owed, credit available, loyalty program status, and special offers. Along with tracking customers’ information, you can track inventory to ensure you are updated on best sellers and whether or not you are low in stock on certain items.

Features of QuickBooks POS:

Takes credit and debit payments
The POS system takes many forms of payments and better yet, each payment is reconciled in QuickBooks.

Choose how to ring up your sales
You are not limited to entering in customer and item information manually at checkout. You also have the option to use the barcode scanner or tablet.

Manage your inventory
With every transaction, QuickBooks POS automatically updates. Therefore you will have an understanding of your inventory and never have to be low on stock.

See customer history
You can build customer relationships by seeing the last item purchased, available credit, balance due, and loyalty program offers.

Works seamlessly with QuickBooks
The POS system is integrated with QuickBooks, so accessing data is easier than ever. You don’t have to waste time with data entry, as it automatically updates when a payment is made.

Works with Microsoft Surface® Pro
You are able to move around more easily when working, as the tablet can be taken anywhere and use less space.
With all of these robust features, your business can stay error free. The precision incorporated into the program allows you to keep up with your inventory and worry less about constantly updating information. Your business is capable of running much more smoothly with QuickBooks POS.

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