Revel POS

From Restaurants and bars, to quick service, to retail, Revel University is able to provide your business with the best POS system. This program is a curated, online, on-boarding and training video platform that helps customers through setup, installation, and ongoing training needs through an intuitive web-based interface. You can find hundreds of helpful videos to walk you through a step by step process when setting up things such as Discounts and Inventory.


Revel wants to ensure that their clients are getting exactly what they are looking for out of their service.  With great customer support Revel can answer just about any question asked! Whether you operate a single-location, single-terminal business or a global enterprise requiring integration into an existing complex infrastructure, Revel Systems is the POS system that can meet your business needs today and scale as you grow. With a significantly lighter hardware footprint than legacy systems, Revel Systems reduces upfront purchase and replacement costs, while our hybrid architecture leverages the cloud to lower maintenance costs and increase efficiency.