Small Business Owners Rarely Take a Break

Purchasing products from these businesses as opposed to big name brands should make you feel proud, as so much has gone into making that product available to consumers like you. Supporting a local business that has their missions aligned with yours feels right. Small business owners sacrifice so much to ensure that they will be successful in providing something that will bring value to consumers lives.

For these owners, vacation days barely exist.

According to TSheets, 14 percent of small business owners say they only take vacations every few weeks. Large amounts of time and work are dedicated to running small businesses, and this often goes unnoticed. All of this tends to be worth it for small business owners because they are creating goods or services that they are passionate about. Owning your own business can come with many perks. One being, the freedom and independence that trusted employees bring to you by completing many of the nitty gritty tasks.

Processes still need to be overlooked, and employees still need a authority to know they are going in the right direction, but it helps to work with people who have the proper skill sets and share core beliefs. Some of the hardest workers in the country are small business owners.

TSheets conducted a survey of individuals who own small businesses to find out exactly how often small business owners are able to take vacations or sick days.

Fourteen percent of small business owners say they only take a vacation every two to three years. Half of them say they “rarely” or almost never take time off when they’re sick, and 62 percent say work keeps them up at night.
Along with TSheets, SoCo loves small businesses, and this is why we extend our services to them. As a small business, we understand how much hard work goes into staying afloat. For this reason, we work for small businesses to keep them financially sound. To learn more about TSheets, click here

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