SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting Intern Alyssa Tilk Speaks Out

Going into an accounting internship as a marketing major, I was uneasy, as I didn’t believe I had the knowledge to benefit the company. While I had taken two accounting classes prior to starting the internship, I hoped that the knowledge I gained was enough for me to benefit the  SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting team. Upon returning home from school, I talked to David, the founder and CEO of SoCo, every month about what the job entailed and how I would be offering my help. I also met Natalie over the phone, and she was who I would be working closely with throughout my time at SoCo. This was reassuring, as they took time out of their day every month to discuss with me how I would be utilized and my importance to the business. The most important things I took away from this internship would be: how to function in a business setting, how to become more team oriented, and how to prepare myself for my future career.

SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting taught me so much in the short amount of time I was there and I feel much more comfortable in the business world.

When I finally began working for SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting, I quickly felt like an important asset to the team. My job involved a number of tasks that helped take the stress off of the accountants and tax pros. A normal day of a SoCo intern consisted of pushing receipts into bank feeds, adding checks and receipts, correcting inventory items, and so much more. On top of that I was able to work with major software programs like Quickbooks, Xero, and Hubdoc.

While the job mostly entailed accounting related tasks, I was also able to be a large part in remodeling the website. I provided content for a majority of the pages and reached out to a marketing agency that helped finalize the rest of the site. Not only that, but I helped with running the social media, which was a large responsibility. As a marketing major, this was very helpful for me to get insight on how search engine optimization works, and the big picture of putting content together.

SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting constantly demonstrates the importance of teamwork. Each employee is valued highly, and utilized daily to help the company excel. Often times I would complete a task and not know what to do next, but I would then reach out to other accountants and tax pros to assist them in easing their workload.

I found that working together created more insight and allowed things to be done more efficiently. While I started out with little experience in this field, I had many questions on the tasks I was asked to complete. The other employees made it easy for me to be authentic and come forward with my confusion as opposed to disregarding it and continuing to struggle.

After spending my summer with SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting I gained incredible experience in the business world. Before leaving for school I met with David and Natalie, so we could reflect on my time spent with the company.

I was given feedback on everything I had done in the past few months, and they asked me for feedback on things they could improve upon. They not only gave me pointers on how I could benefit their company, but they demonstrated things I did correctly and how it will help me with future employment. The positive reinforcement makes the work worth it, and it made me realize that this is what I will look for in a boss in the future.

The SoCo team is such a tight knit community and are some of the most uplifting people, which made my experience better than I could have ever imagined. Not only do the employees value their team, but the clients as well. This shows in the hours and effort they put into each project.

Working for a company like this made me realize the importance of working not only efficiently, but effectively. David has a list of the 10 Pillars of SoCo which entails all of the company’s values, and I believe they exceed the expectations of this list. As a first time intern, I was intimidated to take my first steps into the business world, but this job provided me with so much experience and confidence for my future.

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