What is Tax Audit Representation?

Attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents will develop the perfect strategy to defend your position in an audit. A typical audit representation is when the IRS will come in and discuss what is being audited with a tax or legal professional who is representing you.

Often times, your business will receive a letter asking for more information about your tax returns, and you’re asked to mail back forms proving your income or deductions. For an audit, you may get an invitation to meet with an agent to discuss tax forms.

Well there’s no need to panic, but there are certain steps you must take.

We will assist you with the preparation of all documents requested by the IRS (or taxing authority) and we will attend all meetings required.  We will also handle the correspondence for you.

You’ll need to grant power of attorney to your tax professional/enrolled agent, to let them handle everything while you stay home. Rest assured that IRS agents prefer handling the paperwork with tax professionals like us!

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