Time Clocks with Facial Recognition

 Today’s advancements in technology are astounding.

It has come as far as clocking into work with facial recognition. Employers value accountability, and this new feature of Tsheets takes this to the next level. There are a number of reasons why you should consider enabling this feature if you are a Tsheets user. This software is staying in touch with all of the technological advancements, and is making it easier to track time with their new feature.

If you are an employer with many workers, the facial recognition option might be a great way to notify you if somebody is not clocked in when they are supposed to be.

The software is intelligent and can recognize any worker based off of the photo capture function.

If somebody clocks in attempting to pose as another employee, the photo will be flagged and alarm the employer.

Often times, it is hard to put faces to names for certain employees, like seasonal workers. There are cases you’re not able to identify a remote worker because you don’t exactly know what they look like. The facial recognition feature makes this easier by collecting photos, starting from the first time employees clock in. You will be able to refer to the photos and have an understanding of who everyone is. Even if you might not always remember what your employees looks like, Tsheets does not forget.

This feature also prevents “buddy punching.”

Employees can cost companies $373 million per year, due to others clocking in for them when they are not actually working. Nobody should get away with unethical behavior as such. With facial recognition, they are unable to do so, and are forced to be honest about time tracking.

Not only is this feature more trustworthy than ever, it is also quite simple to use and makes the clocking in process even faster. The technology should have a positive effect on employee morale, as it allows honesty. It ensures that everyone is paid correctly, and prevents time theft.
We are TSheets experts and can provide you the information you need to get you setup with the software, and if you’re intrigued – we can tell you a little bit more about facial recognition and how your business can benefit from it.


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