Top 9 Apps To Integrate With Xero

9 apps to integrate with xero

If you’re looking to make the switch over to cloud accounting software, Xero is a great option. We’ve talked about the features of Xero like automatic bank reconciliation and its mobile app for business on-the-go. However, the great part about Xero is the fact that it can integrate with over 300 apps to make your life even easier!

Keeping track of all of your materials, products and goods may fall by the wayside if you don’t have proper help. Accounting software is here to help you organize and optimize your business’s inventory. Xero users have a plethora of options to assist them with their inventory needs. Two of our recommendations, Vend and Unleashed, are worth exploring.

If you’re in retail, then Vend is for you. Vend offers its users a complete suite of helpful tools that include: retail POS, inventory management, ecommerce and customer loyalty software. This is a complete retail management solution that is relevant no matter if you have one store or a hundred. You don’t have to be a whiz with software because Vend’s interface is simple and straightforward. Like Xero, Vend is online and compatible with Mac, PC and iPad. Bonus: it keeps working even when you’re offline.

Vend and Xero:
Each of these applications integrate together to bring retailers an all-in-one solution. Vend supercharges Xero reports, so that you can see a clear picture of your business. View a real time profit and loss performance so you don’t have to dig into complicated spreadsheets to get your data.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and ecommerce retailers rejoice in Unleashed. Users hail from diverse industries but all take advantage of the powerful inventory solutions. Unleashed aims to help users better understand inventory health and how to harness data to make informed business choices.
Unleashed and Xero:
Integration between Unleashed and Xero is done quickly through the Unleashed integration store. Users choose what information they send to Xero, which can be anything from customers to credits and returns.

Businesses need a powerful payroll system that is both simple and efficient. You don’t need to stress at the end of the month with either of these solutions in your toolbox. Gusto is a no brainer for Xero users. See what you can accomplish with this app.

Gusto is designed to centralize payroll and benefits for small businesses and accountants. This software allows you to run payroll from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Get your taxes filed and taken care of automatically. If you’re in the market for an advisor or health benefits, Gusto can actually take care of both for you. The software offers health plans to fit any budget along with a team of advisors to assist you. Presently, this software is only offered to small businesses with up to 100 employees.
Gusto and Xero:
Your payroll transactions will automatically sync with Xero after running payroll. Don’t stress out at the end of each month with these helpful integrations.

Stripe and Square have conquered the market when it comes to online and mobile payments. Both of these apps are ideal for a variety of businesses looking to accept credit and debit cards from mobile devices. So, it’s no surprise each of these powerhouse payment methods easily integrate with Xero by providing real time data.

You guessed right – this app will allow you to accept credit and debit cards from Apple and Android devices. It allows your business to accept diverse payment types that range from foreign currencies to Apple Pay to Bitcoin.
Stripe and Xero:
Funds from your Stripe account are added on a seven day rolling basis. You can customize the transfer time – up to two days – from within the transfers tab of your Stripe account. Syncing with Xero is available in Australia, Canada, United States, or United Kingdom.

Not only does Square allow you to accept payments from mobile devices, it also offers a suite of other tools for your business. Square can be used by any types of businesses from cafes to professional services.
Square and Xero:
Sync Square with Xero through the apps tab within your Square account. Track all of the Square feeds, refunds and money owed in real time. You can get fast reconciliation of your daily Square sales.

Time Tracking
Remote business, start ups and small organizations that need to streamline payroll or employee time-tracking, pay attention. Never question the accuracy of your reports again now with powerful app integrations to support your team.

This software is a lifesaver for remote start ups and global organizations. TSheets allows you to schedule and track employee time from either desktop or mobile platforms. You’ll be able to conveniently see who’s working on what projects and where with GPS. If you’re on the fence or looking to switch to a new time tracking software, TSheets offers a free trial.
TSheets and Xero:
Easily export your timesheet data to Xero with one click. Say goodbye to manual data entry and reduce the time spent on payroll. Invoices are also a breeze with TSheets invoices syncing with Xero in one step.

Harvest goes well beyond timesheets with it’s beautiful software. With this tool, businesses are able to harness data to become more profitable and run more efficiently.
Harvest and Xero:
This combination is award-winning for its automatic syncing and flawless integration. Your payments and invoices are automatically copied over to Xero.

Keeping track of paper documents is hard. Sometimes keeping track of digital documents is harder. Xero integrates with software that allow you to convert your receipts into real data. Stay organized and up to date with your finances with these two great apps.

Keep your bills, receipts and statements centralized in one place. HubDoc allows you to manage your financial documents, not enter them. The main benefit of its powerful program is the automation it provides your business. Documents can easily be converted into data that allows you to audit proof your business. HubDoc is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and the bookkeepers and accountants who work with them.
HubDoc and Xero:
Hubdoc syncs documents and their data with Xero automatically. Take your bills, receipts and invoices and easily turn them into coded Xero transactions. Your source documents will be attached as soon as the document is published to Xero. You can even test drive the software for 14 days before purchasing the monthly subscription.

Say no to paper with digital expense reporting software from Expensify. Expensify’s simple interface is easy to navigate and teams love that is mobile friendly, allowing them to capture receipts on the go. As a manager, Expensify makes the process of reviewing expenses and reimbursements quick and painless.
Expensify and Xero:
Xero’s direct integration with Expensify reduces your time spent with manual data entry. Now, you’ll have the benefit of automatic receipt matching and credit card transaction imports. Bonus points for the rapid reimbursement feature that allows you to reimburse clients the next day.

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