TSheets – Top 10 Reasons to Love It

TSheets is an online based time and attendance system with countless 5 star reviews.  These are the Top 10 Reasons You Should Choose TSheets for Your Company now!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose TSheets for Your Company

by SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting Services Inc (David Harmon and Quinn Kim)


TSheets is an online based time and attendance system.

  1. Easy to use. TSheets is so easy to use that many users can set up the system and be up and running in an afternoon.  We have been able to train employees in how to use their TSheets iPhone app in 5 minutes.  It is that intuitive.
  2. Cloud based. No equipment to buy.  Easy to login from any computer and mobile devices at anytime.  This is a huge time saver.  Management will be able to work anywhere at anytime even with the computer being used.
  3. Tight administrative controls.  TSheets prompts the manager to create global preferences that apply to the organization.  Permissions and roles can be specified for employees.  Employee access to customers can be limited to their assigned clients, not the entire company list.
  4. Awesome reports.  Tsheets reporting is intuitive, easy to customize, and fully downloadable for manipulation in a spreadsheet.  This is a game changer.  Companies can create spreadsheets driven by the TSheets report that can be used for cost analysis, profitability comparisons, and employee performance evaluations.
  5. Mobile apps.  TSheets has highly rated iOS and Android apps that employees can conveniently use from their own phone or tablet.  TSheets has a GPS tracker that uses the smartphone data to GPS stamp timesheets.  This is very useful for mobile workforces and staff that are on the road.  We like the ability to double-check employee time entries against the GPS stamp. tsheets2
  6. QuickBooks integration.  TSheets is the number one rated app on the Intuit app store.  There are over 1,100 reviews with an average of 5 stars.  The sync is customizable and can be deeply integrated with QuickBooks.  TSheets can import employees, customers, jobs, job codes/service items.  The TSheets dashboard allows the manager to customize each employee’s timesheet screen so that team members only see the customers and items that they work on.
  7. Tracks Employee Paid Time Off.  Keep track of employee Paid Time Off (or PTO) right in TSheets.  These are some of the more common PTO categories:  bereavement, holiday, maternity leave, sick, vacation, personal holiday.  The TSheets PTO function enables a company to create their own unique categories with rules for accrual and usage.   PTO hours are taken into consideration when calculating overtime to ensure accurate overtime payments.
  8. Multiple input methods.  TSheets offers various ways employees can log their work hours through such as: a web browser, iPhone app, Android app, text, dial in, and even Twitter!  Employee permissions can be set to allow time entry changes.  Managers are able to see who is working and what employees are working on right from their iPhone or web browser.  Adjustments and changes are a breeze.
  9. TSheets’ cheerful support team.  It’s not very often that we need to contact TSheets for support, but when we do it is a great experience.  TSheets customers get the opportunity to work with enthusiastic employees that are happy to help.  These interactions provide a glimpse into the culture at TSheets, and I am happy to announce that it is cheerful.
  10. Great pricing.  All of these features are included with a subscription.  Pricing is straightforward:  $20 per month base plus $5 for each user.  There is no long-term commitment, and an organization can scale up and back down as needed.  Great for seasonal employers.  It is free to integrate TSheets with QuickBooks Online and ZenPayroll.  TSheets also has a solo program for $10 per month that is great for Freelancers.

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