Why Going to Xerocon Should Be On Your Agenda

Soco Tax

  1. Because Xerocon is THE industry event of the year

Let’s face it–only cool kids will be in attendance. So be there or be square…or Xero. The annual Xerocon will host the reveal of the newest releases and updates from Xero and other app vendors, include industry leader speakers, interactive booths, networking opportunities to mingle the night away, and overall fun. So be a cool kid and join in on the fun!

  1. Because it’s held in San Francisco

Xerocon 2016 will be located at Pier 27 Cruise Terminal in the heart of downtown San Fran from August 15-17. It is an awesome city known for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, hills, Victorian-style houses, fog and also for being one of the business and tech capitals of the world. If you have yet to visit SF, attending Xerocon will give you the chance to explore the city!

  1. Because…Giants!

Stay an extra day after the conference and indulge in a San Francisco Giants baseball game. Even if you’re not a big fan of baseball, it’ll be a great experience. Treat yourself.

  1. Because of the weather

It’s summer; it’s hot, hot, HOT and let’s face it, most of the country is sitting in a pool of its sweat right now. The weather forecast for the week of Xerocon is promising with low 70’s throughout–perfect weather, I’d say.

  1. Because…the awesome folks of SoCo will be there!

‘Nuff said.

Register for Xerocon San Francisco 2016 here. Hope to see you there!

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