XERO just released a newest version of XERO iOS where it provides custom layouts for the iPAD, according to the Xero for iPad by Luke Gumbley.

Checkout this video to see how it works  

According to XERO, since the total proportion of active iPAD users now stands at 29% iOS compared to mobile usage, it was decided to dedicate more time on properly supporting the iPAD.

Aside from that, together with the release of Xero iOS, there are also changes and fixes for the difficulty some users have been having using Touch ID log in. Xero also made sure that if you choose not to use  Touch ID and prefer a pin, the app remembers your choice and will never ask you again.

What can we do with the newest XERO iOS version?

  • With XeRO iOS, you may  now run your business better. It offers a solution where you can serve your customers and seamlessly link finances and business activities across your Mac, iPhone, and iPAD
  • With Xero iOS you can reconcile new transactions, create and send invoices, and add receipts on your iPhone or iPad
  • You may now  receive notifications when you’ve got new transactions to reconcile
  • You can now create or receive money transactions when reconciling
  • Add receipts and submit expense claims
  • Create, approve and send invoices
  • View quotes and cash flow
  • Add payments or delete payments applied to unpaid invoices
  • Assign billable expenses to customers
  • Manage files
  • Add new customer and supplier contact information, and edit or archive and restore existing contacts.

How to get Started?

    1. First you must download  Xero for iOS for FREE from iTunes.


  • Try the demo company – The demo company has fictional data that you can try out to see what it’s like to use Xero.


  • Follow these steps to try it out:
  • Open Xero for iOS. Tap Try it for free.
  • Wait while the demo company builds, then tap Let’s go!

(Note: The data in demo company resets once you close the app.)


  • Logging in- There are 4 options for logging in to Xero for iOS (depending on the device you use):


  • Touch ID – If you use an iPhone 5s or later, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 or later, you can set up Touch ID to use your fingerprint to log in.
  • Keep the app unlocked – If you use Touch ID or a passcode on your device’s lock screen, you can choose to keep Xero for iOS unlocked.
  • Security code – You can set up a 4-digit security code to use every time you open the app. This code should be different from the passcode you use to unlock your device.
  • Xero password – Login by entering your Xero password each time you open the app. If you’ve enabled two-step authentication in Xero, you’ll need to also enter the code from Google Authenticator.
  1. Logging in with two-step authentication- You can use two step authentication with Xero for iOS and Xero for Android if you’ve already set it up in Xero. If you log in with a fingerprint or PIN, you won’t need to enter an authentication code.
  2. 3D Touch- We  use 3D touch in Xero iOS to preview invoices, receipts and contacts, and complete your tasks faster. (Available only on iPhone 7, 7 plus, 6S and 6S plus)

What are the Devices and operating systems needed?

  1. You must have iOS 9.0 or later
  2. Works best on iPhone 5 or more recent, and iPad 2 or more recent. Some features are available on newer devices only (Touch ID, 3D Touch)
  3. Keep the app up to date, so that you won’t miss new features and improvements.

Now that we already know the benefits and features of Xero iOS, how it works, and the things needed to get started, this will help make our tasks easier, faster, and more convenient.

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