Xero’s Growth in 2017

Xero’s Growth

Looking back on 2017, Xero has had a successful year with many milestones and accomplishments. Not only have they expanded their market, but their operating revenues have shown to be quite impressive. Xero stresses the importance of teamwork, and how it got them to where they are today.

This company recognizes that cloud-based accounting is becoming more of a norm for businesses around the world, and they have utilized this recognition by creating a product that works well with the cloud. So far they have added half a million customers to their platform within the past two years. Xero values their customers, and this is evident in how the business is run. The small business has done an incredible job expanding.

Starting in New Zealand, Xero has become widely used in other places such as North America, South East Asia, and South Africa. They have reached new markets with the replicable engine, increasing subscribers by 60%.

The company has developed goals and intends on reaching those in the near future. They plan to reach $1 billion in revenue and introduce their services to many other businesses and accountants.

Within the year, Xero’s gross margin has grown 77% and their total operating revenue grew 43%. They plan to expand their services for the good of other small businesses. Xero has created over 1,500 apps and features that help boost the cash flow of small businesses.

This past year, Xero has shown to be one of the best software companies based off of success and increase in subscribers. The small business offers so many extraordinary features that make it easy for others to love. 

SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting utilizes Xero’s easy to use features that allow us to accomplish tasks efficiently for our clients. It makes sense that Xero has had so much success within the last year, because of their impressive services.

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