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SoCo loves QuickBooks. It works with all types of businesses and is easy to use. By integrating with other programs, QuickBooks is the most efficient for your accounting needs. Its flexibility is just what any business needs to run smoothly. SoCo can provide services with QuickBooks that will help your business stay organized.

Our certifications are extensive and help with satisfying client needs. Let us help clean up your books so you have time to focus on other aspects of your business. We look forward to working with our clients through QuickBooks to benefit their company. Our on site service is right in Orange County, but we offer help around the world!


Xero is a New Zealand-based software company that develops cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides you with all the tools you need that will allow your business to be successful. With Xero’s features, your business will save time and work more efficiently.

SoCo is a Xero Gold Partner headquartered in Irvine, California serving not only Orange County, but clients nationwide. Through its integration with other apps, Xero is able to provide you with the best services and advanced solutions. It is easily accessible and eases your stress when it comes to running your business.  SoCo would love to help your company grow with the help of Xero!


With Spotlight, you can work smarter, not harder. SoCo is able to expand customer satisfaction due to the cloud based financial and non-financial reporting, dashboards, forecasts, and multi-uses. It helps you gain revenue and client satisfaction by expanding your service options.

CFO Spotlight integrates with sources like Xero, QuickBooks Online or MYOB, and non-financial data from Google Analytics and WorkflowMax so data can be accessed quickly and efficiently. With Spotlight, SoCo works intelligently to benefit clients.


SoCo incorporates the service of multiple apps in order to help us run business smoothly. Some of the apps we have chosen to use are Avalara, Gusto,, Expensify, DEAR Systems, Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, Shopify, and TSheets. Many of these programs integrate with QuickBooks and Xero which is highly efficient and will change the way you work for the better.

These applications are great for remote work, as they allow online collaboration and can be accessed by anyone granted permission. The services are accurate and made simple for all users so you don’t have to waste time on unnecessary things that will hold you back from success. Your company can flourish with the help of the right apps.

Revel POS

Revel POS system operates on the Apple iPad. Revel Systems offers a range of preconfigured hardware to complement its point of sale system. The Apple iPad acts as a business’s main POS terminal, or register. Transactions, orders, and various other functions take place on the iPad POS.

SoCo loves the Revel POS System for its efficiency and simplicity. From restaurants and bars, to quick service and to retail, Revel is able to provide your business with the best POS system. This program is a curated, online, on-boarding and training video platform that helps customers through setup, installation, and ongoing training needs through an intuitive web-based interface. Uploaded videos walk you through a step by step process when setting up things such as Discounts and Inventory, making the process easy to understand.


SoCo approaches tax matters for individuals and families much differently. It starts with us getting to know you, your family, your goals, and your current situation. So many decisions are impacted by taxes that we want to understand your unique situation before we can work together. We accept a limited number of new tax clients each year.

Our individual tax clients receive year-round service. We do not charge a large fee at tax time. We are engaged on an annual basis with monthly payments. This keeps any surprises from happening and gives you peace of mind year-round. Our service starts as low as $25 per month. It includes tax planning, our fun newsletter, telephone calls, appointments, consultations, and the preparation of your tax return. If you would like to be a client, please contact us before our openings fill up!


Payroll problems are the quickest way to hurt your business. A late return or payment creates huge penalties that will cost more than a payroll service for the entire year. Stay safe and outsource your payroll. SoCo uses a number of different methods; we integrate with Xero, QuickBooks, TASC, Gusto and our own service through Intuit.

We use payroll services that offer the best value in the market. All the services incorporated in these products allow us to complete payroll in a timely and organized manner. The programs are all secure and allow peace of mind. The needs of small and large businesses can be accommodated through SoCo’s services.