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As QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisors, we have distinguished ourselves in the accounting industry. Our team uses this impressive yet comprehensive accounting software to combine a variety of accounting processes into one user-friendly system. Skilled to get the most out of QuickBooks, we are capable of serving all types of businesses, streamlining processes using app integration, and working efficiently so that our clients can concentrate on their business goals. Learn more about QuickBooks now.


What does it mean to be a Xero expert? Our team is certified in Xero and Xero Payroll. Our company is a Xero Gold Champion partner. Being Xero experts means that we are skilled in taking this beautiful cloud-based software and utilizing all of its tools to make your business successful. Xero integrates with more than 600 applications, providing you the best solutions to ease the stress of running your business. Rest assured, Xero is mobile friendly and great for business owners on the go. Subscribe through SoCo and get 6 months free software.

CFO Services

A chief financial officer (CFO) manages the financial actions of your business. These duties can range from analyzing your company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, to managing the finance and accounting divisions and ensuring your financial reports are accurate. We build and maintain live business and KPI dashboards. Opting for CFO Services can mean the difference in your company’s overall success, especially in the long run.

We provide significant input into your company’s investments, capital structure, and observe how you manage your income and expenses. As your outsourced CFO, we provide financial modeling and forecastingdata analysis of your accounting records, and reporting with tools like Spotlight. Learn how you can benefit from our CFO Services here.


To learn more about the best apps in the business and accounting industries, look no further. Our team streamlines your processes daily by using multiple app integration. We are experts with AvalaraBill.comExpensifyHubdocReceipt BankShopifyTSheets, and more. Whether its taxes, payroll, processing bills, document storage, time-tracking and more, we have you covered. These programs integrate with QuickBooks and Xero, which is highly efficient and will change the way you work like you’ve never imagined! Want to be on the cutting edge of your business? Learn more about these apps now.


We approach tax matters for individuals and families a little differently. It’s important to us to get to know you and your business, your family, and your goals. So many decisions are impacted by taxes that we want to understand your unique situation before we can work together. We accept a limited number of new tax clients each year.

Our individual tax clients receive year-round service. We do not charge a large fee at tax time, as we are engaged on an annual basis with monthly payments. This keeps any surprises from happening and gives you peace of mind. Our service starts as low as $25 per month, which includes tax planning, our fun newsletter, telephone calls, appointments, consultations, and tax return prep. Please contact us before our openings fill up!


Payroll problems are the quickest way to hurt your business. A late return or payment creates huge penalties that will cost more than a payroll service for the entire year. We understand that its a time consuming process, and from a strategic standpoint, outsourcing your payroll is the best move. Our payroll softwares include Xero, QuickBooks, Gusto, and our in-house service through Intuit.

We offer the best value in the market, which allows us to complete your payroll in a timely and organized manner. Contact us now to get setup!

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